Friday, February 5, 2010


Pat and I met through a mutual acquaintance. I recall meeting her at Einstein Bagels close to home, and I was told that she had some real talent.

We talked over coffee and I agreed to look over her poetry in exchange for dinner. Well, I had company for a couple of days, but managed to read her work in its entirety within a couple of days! It was so wonderful! If she had not written her poetry, I would have claimed it as my own!

Pat Elston had some real talent. My job was challenging; I had to convince her that it was worth publishing, and then creating a masterpiece with what the Lord had given her through the years.

What an honor it was to serve her! I don't think she was ever able to truly imagine what the finished product would be and the excitement grew as we worked diligently together to create a lasting legacy.

She now has a beautifully designed book, for her family and friends. I'm so happy and blessed to call her my friend!


To buy your very own copy, visit any online bookstore or visit her website,

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  1. You Are Loved is a visual delight from cover to cover. Each section is illustrated with full color photos and heartfelt experiences, bringing the author’s poetic messages to life. The book truly expresses the over-arching theme of God’s unfailing love. Thank you for such a beautiful book!

    Margaret J. Everett