Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting Ready for 2010

Exciting, challenging and fulfilled are words to describe the past 5 years as I have met fascinating people and assisted them in bringing their dreams to reality with their successful publications. Not wanting to keep all the fun to myself, now I can share with others who are burning with a passion to expose their insights and adventures.

Our authors include: Marty Delmon, Patricia Elston, Kathleen Schubitz, Randy Newberry, Aileen Walther, and Margaret Everett. Our self-published authors currently include Pete Wincup, Daphne Frutchey, and Brenda Cross.

If you'd like to visit our online store, you will find us at: http://www.store.rpjandco.com/. You will also find our books at: http://www.amazon.com/, or any online bookstore.

Do you have a book to write and publish? Email kathy@rpjandco.com for a free telephone consultation today!

Blessings to all!