About Jane C. Wittbold

Our steps have been ordered by the Lord.  Jane C. Wittbold and I met at a Christmas party last year, and I must say it is an honor to know her and serve her. 

God had a plan to orchestrate the publishing of her book, Amazing Grace.  It is a story of living with God as her new husband after the death of her natural one.  God's love, provision and faithfulness will unfold as you journey with her through the pages of her first book.

Though Amazing Grace has been written with the widow in mind, it is of great comfort and inspiration for those who find themselves alone, perhaps from circumstances that turned a simple and care-free life upside down.

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About the Author

Jane Crosbie Wittbold was born in Canada, raised in South America, and returned to Canada to finish her secondary school education. She then came to Florida to attend College, whereupon she met and married William John Wittbold. They lived together for many happy years, giving life to a daughter, Katherine, and a son named John. Life was good until the dark hand of alcohol took its toll upon them all. It was at her lowest point that she met God and soon led her husband into God’s Kingdom.

When the time was right they opened a four storefront ministry in Cocoa Beach, Florida. It was called …in the Name of Jesus Ministries. It was a ministry in which the power of God was present to heal, deliver and set the captives free. She worked there with her husband for seven years and then upon his departure for heaven, she continued without him for another seven years. It was soon after his departure that she visited with Dr. James Wesley Smith, of La Grange, Georgia. He had heard the instructions of the Lord to prepare her for ordination. It was arranged by men but directed and completed by the Holy Spirit. She now lives in Winter Park, Florida, and attends Calvary Assembly Church. Her life is full and happy while Jesus still holds His role as husband in her life.