Thursday, June 2, 2011

Win $50... take the challenge... if you dare

Testing Word Sleuth Skills!
(Print it out and try your proofreading skills)

So you think you're a good proofreader... take the challenge...  This idea was included in a magazine about 40 years ago and has recently been re-created by an editor.
There are twenty-one errors in this text.

Before reading any farther, be forwarned that most are the tricky but common mistakes that may sneak in irregardless of any electronic spell-scan.

Pretty easy to find, you should be able to spot the things that need to be corrected. Everyone of your fellow writers will complement you if you find them all! The details for which you are looking are unevenly divided between: grammar, spelling, punctuation and factual flubbs. Your English teacher may have continuously discussed these ideas; the challenge, therefor, is to remember those lessons!

Think about it! What would be the affect on your writing if you get even better at finding these errors. If your project is worth doing, it is worth doing good, and some times it takes many journeys through the text to accomplish that. Anytime spent fixing a violated word principal will improve the quality of the work and it’s message.

None of us are perfect at this task! Still, work to hone your skills …then also consider adding a good word sleuth to your team!

For anyone who finds all the errors, I'll offer a $50 discount off your next writing project. 


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